Viewing job alerts details

It is possible to view the basic job alerts set-up for each individual candidate. The data is stored against a person.


In order to view the details in the back office please follow those steps:

1) Log in to the back office

2) Click on Candidates tab/tile

3) Select List of people from the sub-menu

4) Click Create a new view in the left menu

5) Select the options you'd like to see on the view and search for 2 columns

- Job alert frequency

- Job alert last sent

6) Name your new view and save the page

The data should now show in the grid.

Tip: Advorto advises to extract the data to Excel in order to conduct further analysis i.e. creating pivot reports etc. 


More information on how to create reports can be found on our Recruitment analytics section of the knowledgebase.


I cannot see the options mentioned above. What do I need to do do?

You may be in a security group without access to this area - please contact your HR team to allow you more access.


Can I see the individual set-up including what has been selected by the candidate on his/her profile?

Yes, however this is not reportable in the back office. Please use mimic function to log in and check the profile individually.

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