Edit user profile in the Hiring Manager/Recruitment portal

Please note: you must be a super user in order to access this functionality.

In order to update any user's account please follow those steps:

1) Log in to the Hiring Manager portal

2) From the main navigation please select Update details and then Users. Depending on the design of your portal the main menu can be located at the top or left/right side of the screen

3) On the next page please locate the user in question, you can use the main search (if available) or manually find the person

4) Click Edit link when the user is located

5) Please update any details on this page e.g. name, email, security group or any specific classification (if configured). This page controls what the user will have access to

6) Click Save at the bottom of the page

Please note: there might be a maximum of 30 minutes delay before the changes take place (in some cases).


I cannot see the Users option in my menu. What do I do?

This can be caused by the level of access you may have. You must be a super user to access this area. Even if your security group is Recruiters or Recruiters plus it does not automatically grant you access to this area. Please contact your HR department to upgrade your account.


I am unable to search across my users. What do I do?

This functionality is configurable and there is a possibility this hasn't been enabled on your system. Please submit a ticket via Zendesk help centre for this option to be enabled.


The user I am looking for does not exist. What do I do?

Please check the spelling of the name/surname or try a partial search. It is possible that the user was set-up with a misspelled details. It is also possible that the user hasn't been set-up before or in the case when your system has been upgraded from a previous version the registration hasn't been copied over. If that is the case please submit a ticker via Zendesk help centre. 

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