Changes are not appearing on the application form/vacancy

There might be few scenarios when certain changes are not showing in the system immediately after the change has been made e.g.

  • New questions are not showing on the candidate application
  • Updated information is not showing on the careers site

The real life scenario would include:

  1. Recruiter updated killer questions in the back office but the change does not reflect in the application form
  2. Recruiter updated vacancy information e.g. salary or location but when checked in the careers portal the change is not reflected

This is attributed to cache.

What is cache?

Cache is a place to store something temporarily in a computing environment.


Usually a cache is set to update every 30-60 minutes and that depends on the individual set-up of your system.

The problem of the changes not appearing can be resolved by waiting a maximum of 60 minutes before checking if the change is reflected in the live system.


I am not sure what setting do we have on our system. How can I check that? 

This information is not displayed anywhere in the back office. Please submit a request via Zendesk help centre and our support team will check the current setting on your system.

I have made the changes, waited a maximum of 60 minutes but the changes do not appear. What do I need to do?

Please submit a request via Zendesk help centre explaining what kind of change you have made.


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