Updating candidate documents in the back office

Advorto back office offers an option to update candidate documents e.g. CV or cover letter (if configured).

How to amend the file(s)?

In order to amend the details, please follow those steps:

1) Log in to the back office

2) Go to Candidates tab

3) Locate the candidate in question

4) Click View icon (usually a grey pencil icon)

5) Click on Documents tab

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a copy as the below action (6) will permanently remove the file attached 

6) Click Detach button

7) Click Choose from/Browse and the attach the file from you computer

8) Click Upload button

9) IMPORTANT: In order to see the changes on the printable view make sure you click Save and Close  button at the bottom of the page - if the page is not saved the old document might still be merged onto the application form (viewable via Print icon). This action will force the system to re-generate the print view and new CV/Cover letter will appear.


I cannot see the View icon on my data grid. Why is that?

This might be due to your security group access. Usually only recruiters will have access to amend candidate's details. Please contact your HR team to upgrade your level of access within Advorto back office.

I can see the View page but cannot see Edit page. Why is that?

The functionality has not been turned on your system. Please contact your account manager to discuss the options.

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