How to resolve a 'Could not bulk merge PDFs' conversion issue (user)

Occasionally the system might fail to merge the application form with the candidate's CV.

 Try just causing the PDF to regenerate

Sometimes, a PDF simply doesn't generate as it should the first time round. The following steps will trigger the system to attempt to regenerate the PDF, which invariably resolves this problem:

  1. Log in to the back office
  2. Go to Candidates tab
  3. Locate the candidate(s) in question
  4. Click on View (or named alternatively) icon, usually a grey pencil icon
  5. When the pop-up loads please scroll down and click Save and Close button at the bottom
  6. Go back to the page where the error was observed - the page will refresh (might take some time to load for the first time)
  7. The candidate's form should now load

In case the problem persists, please follow the steps in the second section of this related article (the first section is the same as the above).

If the problem still persists, please submit a request via the Zendesk help centre for the Advorto support team to investigate further.

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