Launchpad video interview - candidate unable to complete the interview

Advorto and Launchpad Recruits offer a seamless integration allowing to take the interview from within the Advorto candidate portal. The full extent of the integration is determined by the level of configuration.

Sometimes the candidate might not be able to complete the interview. Below are few scenarios when this might occur.

The candidate can access the link but is unable to load the interview.

In this case they might be having a technical issue, please contact Launchpad Recruits directly:

The candidate is unable to see the link on the Advorto candidate portal.

In some cases the candidate might receive a notification to complete the interview but after logging in they cannot see the link on their application status page. This might be caused by being in a wrong folder. Please check the audit trail and confirm that the right communication went out to the candidate and the person is in the invited folder (or equivalent). Please also verify the situation by mimicking the candidate in the back office to confirm the same log in credentials are used.

If the candidate claims that they log in and cannot see the link but you were unable to verify this (i.e. you could see the link) there might be a case of logging in to the wrong place (or with different credentials).

In order to double check the situation please confirm with the candidate:

  • URL they're logging in to
  • Login details
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