Duplicate spotter - functionality explained

Duplicate spotter is a standard functionality of the back office.

Possible duplications will be flagged by displaying a yellow cross on the icon. The icon is available for every submitted candidate in the back office.

There are 4 types:

  1. No duplicates found - the cross will remain blank (colour-free)
  2. Possible duplicates found - the cross will turn yellow
  3. Definite duplicate - the cross will turn red (when the right option selected)
  4. Definitely not a duplicate) - the cross will turn white (when the right option selected)

By default the duplicate spotter checks for either:

  • Surname match and first letter of the name (in case people use variations)


  • Email address is the same


I cannot see the options mentioned above. What do I need to do do?

You may be in a security group without access to this area - please contact your HR team to allow you more access.


Can I see duplicates in the Hiring Manager/Recruitment portal?

Unfortunately this is not a current functionality.


Can I change the conditions of the duplicate spotter?

Yes, Advorto offers a custom script option. Please submit your request via Zendesk help centre with conditions which system should check against. If you are unsure what is possible please speak to your Account Manager.

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