Viewing candidates for a certain vacancy (in the back office)

it is possible to apply a filter to only show candidates for a particular vacancy.

In order to view this please follow those steps:

1) Log in to the back office

2) Go to Vacancies tab/tile

3) Locate the vacancy in question

4) Click on the Select this vacancy icon (usually a black arrow pointing to the top-left) available against each vacancy on the right hand side

5) On the next screen scroll to the bottom and click View all candidates button

6) The datagrid will refresh and the candidates displayed in the view will only be from the vacancy you have chosen

7) You can check that by looking at the preference drop down in the top right corned - the option would have changed and it will now display the title of the vacancy you have selected

8) To reset the datagrid please:

- Change the preference drop down to your default value i.e. My vacancies or All vacancies

- Reset the datagrid to make sure no other filters exist - please click the Reset icon available in the top right corner, next to the global search box


The data grid will reload and the default view will load.


I cannot see the options mentioned above. What do I need to do do?

You may be in a security group without access to this area - please contact your HR team to allow you more access.

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