4.5.15 Release notes - 16 October 2014

Client Portal 4.5.15 release notes


Create requisition function from Backoffice re-enabled

Although most clients have switched to using the User portal for the creation and approval of requisitions, some clients may still wish to create requisitions from the Back office sometimes. A Create requisition option will now appear in the Requisitions tab sub-navigation for users who have the appropriate role and access to the Backoffice Requisitions page in their security group. The option will open a pop-up to the relevant page in the User portal.

Display of requisition action outcome message

When a requisition is actioned, i.e. submitted, approved, rejected, etc., the outcome message will now be displayed to users after they have actioned a requisition.

This provides users with a useful confirmation about where the requisition has gone next.

User portal

NEW FEATURE - User portal now supports users who are not assigned the default role (usually the Hiring Manager role)

Previously, when a user registered on the user portal, they would be automatically assigned the Hiring Manager role by default as this was a requirement for the User portal to work.

When super users added users to their own organisation, it was possible to not select the default role; or to unselect this role for a previously added user, causing issues when the user tried to login to the User portal.

The User portal now no longer requires a user to be assigned the default role.

This has the following implications:

  • Users who are not assigned the default role (usually Hiring Manager) will not see the “My candidates“ or “My vacancies” sections of the User portal
  • Users who do not have the role associated with the first requisition stage (again usually Hiring Manager) will not be able to create a requisition
  • An Approver may be just an Approver, without having to be a Hiring Manager as well (simplifies the User portal for those users who don’t need to ever create requisitions)
  • A system may be configured to allow users to self-Register with no role assigned, so they may not perform any actions in the User portal, until they are assigned an appropriate role (and any other required configuration) by a client super user

Please speak to Advorto Support if you wish to make any configuration changes to your system(s) in relation to the above.

Update to User portal main navigation menu (for clients using the Advorto standard User portal template)

Under some circumstances, in some browsers, the drop-down options for the main navigation options did not fully appear, requiring a page refresh to rectify. An update has been made to ensure that the menus always fully drop-down and that all available options are visible to users.


Candidate experience


This is a fully integrated Facebook application, allowing clients to list vacancies on their company Facebook page, with a jobs tab being added to the existing company page. Candidates may then view the details of a job within Facebook and click through to apply.

We are looking for clients who are interested in trialling this new feature who will attend feedback calls and be able to provide constructive and useful feedback for a period of time in return for a period of reduced licence fees.

As this is a new product, your feedback is important to us and will be used to further improve the product in subsequent versions.

Please contact your Advorto account manager if you are interested in this new functionality.

Use of back button where Advorto Campaign module is implemented

The Advorto Campaign module collects reliable and accurate source data for candidates who are attracted to a vacancy on a client’s careers site via online sources, even when they may not make an application straight away. This provides useful and powerful data to support clients’ recruitment campaigns and inform advertising spending decisions.

Where this module is implemented, there was a minor issue in the Candidate portal where the browser back button would not initially behave as expected. An update has been made to address this specific scenario, so this will no longer be the case.

Advorto Marketplace

As we run up to the Q4 release of Marketplace you will see various updates here, with new integrations to offer new services via Marketplace being added.

Launchpad video interviews

NEW STANDARD INTEGRATION – Launchpad ( have now integrated with Advorto Marketplace. This allows video interviewing and assessments from Launchpad to be built into the system. Please speak to your Advorto account manager for further information.


Updates to the Capp integration, related to the changes to Advorto Marketplace. This update is expected to resolve some issues where time-outs were occurring due to the time taken by Capp to return a candidate’s test result.

Marketplace - User review configuration

Marketplace integrations in general may now support a “User review” step. This is used to allow Recruiters access to a second stage to review information submitted by a candidate, to allow further data, such as comments and scores, to be entered into the third party system which may then be transmitted back into the Advorto system.

This button will be displayed on the Marketplace pop-up page.

Marketplace – Candidate complete configuration

This function is intended to be implemented when the data associated with a service purchased or available through Advorto Marketplace is not available immediately, e.g. Background checks, where data may be returned in several stages, prior to a final “complete” type notification.

Service providers will be able to send the Advorto system a notification at the complete stage to trigger a candidate process, e.g. a move to different status folder.

Back office user interface

NEW FEATURE – Quick send SMS messages

This feature works in the same way as the Quick send email feature. Where an SMS template is enabled as “Quick send”, it will be available in the quick send SMS templates list in the Candidate bulk action menu.

To quick send an email/SMS to one or more candidates:

  • Check the box for the candidate(s) you want to email or send an SMS to
  • Choose the Quick send email or Quick send SMS option from the bulk action list
  • Select the email/SMS template you want (only displays the templates enabled for quick send)
  • Click the Go icon to send your message(s) (emails/SMSs are sent immediately with no preview initially displayed)

If you are unable to see the Quick send options in the Candidate page bulk action menu, this may not be enabled for your security group, please contact Advorto Support to request that this feature be turned on.

NEW FEATURE - Talent bank tag searching

Where candidates are classified for the talent bank, this new talent bank search option works by suggesting options from the list of available options as a user starts typing. Users may then select a suggested tag and add as many tags as they wish to search on.

This user interface (UI) would be more suited to longer lists of classifications, so the search form does not need to be so long (to display all the available options as check boxes).

Please contact Advorto Support if you would like to discuss the addition of tags to your talent bank configuration.

Create requisition function from Backoffice

See Requisitions section.

Update to add agent function in the Back office to prevent duplicates

For clients who use the Agency portal, when a Backoffice user tries to add an agent who already exists, the system will now let users know, in a nice way that the agent already exists and provide a link to edit the existing agent, so they may be assigned to the correct agency as required.

Custom assessment slot data fields now available for use as merge fields and may be displayed to Candidates

Clients using the Assessments module may now use any custom fields used on interview slots as merge fields when sending emails or SMS; or creating Word mail merge documents. The data entered in custom fields may also be made visible to candidates via the Candidate portal after they have selected their slot if required.

Custom assessment slot fields allow clients to capture additional specific information, over and above the standard assessment slot fields, for every slot which is added to the system by users.

If you would like to know more about custom fields in the Assessments module, please contact Advorto Support.

Update to page title for the Marketplace Backoffice pop-up page

For clients using integrations configured via Advorto Marketplace, “Marketplace” will now be displayed as the page title of the pop-up when reviewing scores, resetting tests, etc.

Update to Add candidate feature

Where a user added more than one candidate in a row, where one or both of the people being added already existed in the system; and the user closed the pop-up window without submitting a previous candidate, in some rare circumstances an application could be added not for the candidate it was intended for. The add candidate feature has been updated to prevent this scenario.

Update to live link reports for users with accounts in more than one Advorto system

Live link reports previously did not behave as expected for users with user accounts in more than one Advorto system. This issue has been resolved.

However, if you are or will be a user of multiple systems, please note that you should update the URL in any existing live-linked reports to ensure this issue does not re-occur. Simply reselect the relevant View in the Back office, click the Excel link icon, copy and paste the URL supplied into your original report and then update as usual.

Talent bank and registration of interest (ROI) classification fields now available on the Person list page

These fields were previously only available on the Candidates list page and are now available to add to Person list page views as well.

Advanced ROI/Speculative candidate search form may now be configured to allow searching of candidate classifications

Where a candidate is asked to select categories of interest on a registration of interest or speculative application form, this data may now be configured as searchable on an ROI/Speculative advanced search (Search tab).

For clients who have an ROI/Speculative search already configured, these fields will be added to your search form over the coming weeks.

Update to folder searching on advanced search (Search tab)

For clients who wish to enable searching for candidates based on the folder they are currently in (current folder) or ever have been in (historic folder), this field may now be configured on Advanced search forms as drop-down lists or check box lists, rather than a free text box.

This allows faster and simpler selection of current or historic folder(s) when performing searches.

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