Unable to update Excel (run time error)

When creating or updating an existing live linked report you may encounter a run time error.

There could be a few reasons why you receive the error:

1) You have entered the log in (back office) details incorrectly

2) Even though you have enter the details correctly for the second time the Excel will not recognise that

3) There is an issue with the macro and the report will no longer update


To mitigate scenario 1 and 2 Advorto advises to check the log in details before attempting to update the report. Your log in details are the same and as long as you can log in to the back office the same credentials will also work in Excel.

Please make sure you have not changed the details in the last 24 hours.

Excel might also double check the details and ask you to log in again - please follow instructions on the screen.


Scenario 3 might require further investigation and if you confirmed you are able to log in correctly but still receive the error please submit a request via Zendesk help centre. Please also provide the file so our support will be able to investigate.

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