4.5.16 Release notes - 09 December 2014

Client Portal 4.5.16 release notes

Back office user interface

NEW FEATURE: New candidate Import/Export user interface
New user interface for bulk export, import and update of candidates. When exporting candidates, users may now select the fields that they want to export (regardless of the currently selected view).

The new feature also supports “unlimited” (within reason) numbers of candidates. Where an import, export or updated activity is going to take a long time, the task will simply be placed in a queue and can be viewed at a later point once completed, with the user being emailed automatically to let them know when ready.

NEW FEATURE: Errors in email, SMS etc. merge fields reported in a more helpful way
Rather than returning an error message with no indication of which merge field has caused the error, a message will now be displayed to show a clear list of fields that are broken. This list will be shown when sending or previewing a message.

Compulsory custom assessment slot fields are now enforced
If a custom assessment slot field is marked as compulsory, it will now be correctly enforced when creating a new interview slot.

Update to advanced search on fields with multiple options selected
Searching fields of this type will now return results correctly, where the search term may not be the first item in the list of selected items.

Issue with highlighting current view on list pages
A bug that caused multiple views to be highlighted as currently selected on list pages has been fixed.

NEW FEATURE: Secure area added to restrict candidate audit access
It was not previously possible to restrict access to the candidate audit page from the candidate list page. This may now be controlled by the security group a user is allocated to.

“Global” checkbox hidden when creating personal preferences
It is now no longer possible to create global preferences in the back office by ticking the “Global” checkbox as this functionality is no longer supported and will lead to errors. Please contact the appropriate Support team to request any new global preferences if required.

User portal

“My requisitions pipeline” chart reinstated on Dashboard for Hiring Managers
Users with only the Hiring Manager user role would not previously see the My requisitions pipeline chart and it was shown in the wrong section of the page for other users. The chart is now displayed correctly.

Resolved issue related to vacancy text fields with mismatching Name and Title
When the Name and Title of these fields did not match, e.g. where the system name for a particular field was truncated due to very long text for the actual field label (what users see), under certain circumstances values would not get transferred to a vacancy when creating a vacancy from a requisition.

Candidate portal

Submit button on top-up form now shows when summary is excluded
When excluding the summary page on the top-up form, the submit button is now correctly shown on the last page of the form. This now allows the summary page to be excluded where required.

A stray dot shown on the vacancy details page when using the Campaign Module has been removed
This dot served no real purpose and has been removed.

Internal candidate portal

Internal top-up form navigation buttons
The Next, Back and Save buttons may now be displayed on the top-up form for internal candidates.

Agency portal

NEW FEATURE: Agent classification added to agency portal
It is now possible for agents to classify themselves as well as super agents to classify agents within their agency.

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