Resetting an online test for a candidate

Most (but not all) third party test providers allow an online test to be reset by a Recruiter from within the Advorto system. This usually involves two steps:

  1. Resetting the test - this lets the test provider know that the candidate can retake the test and clears out the previous test result, date and any other information stored in the Advorto system

  2. Moving the candidate back to the relevant recruitment status folder so they may re-access the test via the Advorto Candidate portal.

  3. Let the candidate know that they may now retake the test (phone call or email)

If you can't see any of the functionality outlined below, it may be that it is either not configured for your security group or the functionality may not be configured in your system for some reason.

In either case, you should initially speak to your local Super User to perform the relevant action on your behalf; or they can arrange for a change request to be raised to the Advorto Support team to enable the required functionality if necessary.

Step 1 - Resetting the test

The functions to reset tests for candidates are usually available on pages accessed via the "View" icon, which is to the right of every candidate on the Candidates page in the "Actions" column - View.

There are two places where you may need to look:

  1. For tests provided via Advorto Marketplace, e.g. Capp - go to the Marketplace tab

  2. If the test is not provided via Advorto Marketplace, go to the relevant tab for your test provider - e.g. SHL, Kenexa, Talent Q, etc.

Simply click the "Reset" button to reset the test.

Step 2 - Move the candidate back to the relevant workflow stage

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Go to the candidate's audit trail - Audit Trail. Then delete the relevant folder move(s), so the last status folder displayed in the audit trail is the one moving them to the relevant status where candidates were originally invited to take the test in question. Take care as candidates may do more than one test and each test may be applicable to a different status folder, depending on your configuration.

    The advantage of this approach is that it may reduce the impact on your MI reports, as the original folder moves/status changes associated with completing and passing/failing the test will no longer be counted.

  2. Move the candidate manually back to the relevant status folder using the "Move to folder" or "Email and Move to folder" bulk action.

    If doing a combined Email and Move to folder action, just pick the online tests invite email templates to resend the same template as before, adding any additional content to the template as required before you send it.

Step 3 - Inform the candidate

If you didn't use the "Email and Move to folder" option above, you'll need to inform the candidate that they may now retake the test:

  • Phone the candidate - just inform them that them may now log back into their application and retake the test
  • Email the candidate - use the Email icon to send an email to the candidate - Send an Email to this Candidate, picking the relevant "Invite to online tests" template and adding any additional text as required.
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