4.5.13-14 Release notes - 09 September 2014

Client Portal 4.5.13-14 release notes

This release is primarily focused on introduction of a number of some new integrations and new features related to the Agency module – specifically sending comms to agents and now also to agency candidates. A number of other new features, fixes and updates are included as well.

Agency module

NEW FEATURE – Option to capture candidate contact information for agency candidates

There are many reasons why clients may wish to have some direct contact with an agency candidate during the recruitment process. This new feature allows capture of candidate email and mobile number to be enabled at the point where an agent registers a new candidate.

Configurable content is displayed to the submitting agent, assuring them that by submitting the agent via the agency portal, the candidate is fixed to them and their agency and that this can’t be changed. Agents are also informed that they will be included on any comms sent direct to the candidate as well.

Once enabled, capture of candidate email will be mandatory at the point an agent registers a candidate. In additional to email, a candidate’s mobile number may also optionally be requested and mobile number capture may be made mandatory if required.

Clients who wish to enable this feature should probably discuss this with their agency PSL prior to implementing the feature and then contact Advorto Support to discuss enabling the new functionality and any associated configuration.

NEW FEATURE – Option to add/update direct candidate contact information for existing agency candidates

Once the above feature (capture of candidate contact information at the point an agent registers a candidate) is enabled, clients with existing agency candidates will be in a position where new candidates will have the relevant direct contact details, but agency candidates who were submitted prior to this feature being enabled will not have this data.

The “Edit Person” page accessible via the Back office/Recruiter portal (usually View > Edit Person for most clients) will allow candidate contact details to be added/edited post-submission as required. Comms may then be sent from the system to agency candidates directly as per agency candidates who were submitted after the new feature was implemented.

N.B. The submitting agent will be CCed on any emails sent and also sent any SMS messages which are sent to the candidate, provided the agency has supplied a mobile number.

NEW FEATURE – Send comms to agency candidates directly

Previously, all comms sent from the system to agency candidates would be sent to the agent who submitted the candidate. The agent would then be required to forward any relevant information onto the candidate as required.

Once the new feature to capture agency candidate contact details at the point an agent registers a candidate is enabled, it will be possible to configure comms templates (both email and SMS) to be sent to the candidate, rather than the agent who submitted them.

This feature is a standard new feature on all comms templates, which will be visible at the bottom of the Message sending pop-up page.

Simply check the “Send to Agency Candidate” box if you want the email/SMS to be sent to the candidate, rather than the agent. For emails, the agent will then be CCed on the email and for SMS messages, the message will be sent to both the candidate and the agent (if the agent has supplied a mobile number).

When sending comms the agency candidates, clients should be aware of which templates they select and which merge fields are used, as you will be emailing the candidate, not the agent.

There are a number of scenarios here, depending on whether or not all the relevant contact details exist. These are described below:

  • If candidate email exists – emails will be sent to the candidate, with the submitting agent CCed on the same email
  • If no candidate email exists – emails will be sent to the submitting agent only
  • If both candidate and agent mobile number exist – SMS will be sent to both the candidate and the submitting agent
  • If candidate mobile number only exists – SMS will be sent to the candidate only (it is the responsibility of agents to add their mobile numbers if they want to be included on SMS comms sent to their candidates)
  • If agent mobile number only exists – SMS will be sent to the submitting agent only
  • If neither candidate nor agent mobile numbers exist – SMS send will fail (this will be indicated in the candidate audit trail)

Please contact Advorto Support to discuss updating any of your existing global comms templates or adding any new ones to take advantage of this new feature.


NEW FEATURE – Send agency candidates a direct access link to their application to allow them to complete online tests and top-up forms (No candidate login required)

One of the main reasons for clients wanting to be able to contact agency candidates directly is because there are certain activities that an agent can not and should not be doing on behalf of the candidate, e.g. completing online tests, situational judgement questionnaires or submitting/reviewing information related to certain onboarding or any other top-up forms.

The issue is that these agency candidates don’t have their own login to be able to perform these activities via the Candidate portal as they were registered by an agency and don’t have their own account.

This new feature allows merge fields to be incorporated within email or SMS templates which are sent either to the agent (to forward on to their candidate) or to the candidate directly to allow the candidate to gain access to their agency application without being required to login.

The two available merge fields are as follows:

  • {!FrontEndLogin.TopUp} – Will merge in a link providing direct access to a top-up form a candidate is required to complete
  • {!FrontEndLogin.OnLineTests} – Will merge in a link providing direct access to any online tests a candidate is required to complete

For security reasons, the links include a long Guid (series of letters and numbers) unique to the candidate and either their top-up form or online tests. Once the candidate has completed the top-up form or tests, the links will no longer work as the candidate will not be in an appropriate status folder to perform the required action. Advorto also recommend that these links only ever be used for agency candidates, so any direct or internal candidates will still be required to login as usual.

Contact Advorto Support to discuss configuration of these merge fields in any of your global email templates.


NEW ONLINE TEST: Kenexa RPQ test now available

This test is now available in the product as a standard integration. Where a client engages Kenexa to deliver an RPQ test, this may now be seamlessly integrated into the Advorto system.

NEW ONLINE TEST PROVIDER: Capp integration now available to clients

The Advorto system is now fully integrated with Capp, one of the leading strengths-based assessment providers.

NEW INTEGRATION: Advorto Marketplace – the app store for Recruitment services

This is a new Advorto initiative, intended to allow Advorto clients to pick and choose on a pay-as-you-go and per system, per vacancy or per candidate basis from a wide variety of additional recruitment services provided by Advorto and other third party suppliers. This will eventually include social media advertising, assessment providers, video interviewing providers, credit checking providers, reference checking services, recruitment agencies, RPO service providers, etc.

Lots of exciting news to come in this area. Watch this space…

Back office/Recruiter portal user interface

NEW FEATURE - Users may now access the User edit form from the Back office

For Back office users who are in a security group which allows access to the “self-edit user management” feature, a “User details” link will be displayed in the Setup/Settings menu. This link will open the User portal user edit page for the currently logged in user, allowing them to make any required changes (based on the configuration of the User edit form). This is the same page/form that users would see if they were logged into the User portal and did the same thing.

Any clients requiring access to this functionality for their users should contact Advorto Support to specify which security groups this functionality should be made available for.

NEW FEATURE – Access to Zendesk now available to all clients, including clients and partners with access to multiple Advorto systems

Zendesk is the application used by the Advorto support team to track and manage issues and to host knowledgebase articles and notifications about the Advorto system. This allows users who have access to do so within their security group (generally client super users) to log, track and report on their support issues from within the Advorto Recruiter portal, via the “Support” link.

A recent update to Zendesk means that we are now able to support single-sign-on from the Advorto Recruiter portal to Zendesk, for users with user accounts in more than one Advorto system. Previously Zendesk did not support this.

All clients and partners will therefore be introduced to Zendesk and how to log and track support issues over the coming weeks.

Update to search by last comms sent date from the Search page

A field for searching by last comms sent date may now be added to the Search page if required. The search options are a standard fixed list allowing users to find candidates or people who were sent emails or SMS messages within the last day, 2 days, week, etc.

Contact Advorto Support if you wish to add last comms-based searching to your search page.

Fix to datagrids to correct column ordering for XML data type

The datagrids used on all the main Recruiter portal pages sort automatically by the first column if no other columns are selected as the default sort order. Some fields, when displayed as the first column, were causing this default sort order not to work. Fields which are an XML data type will no longer cause this issue.

Fixed an issue where double quotes were not being escaped when outputting to CSV (exporting or live-linking)

This issue caused unpredictable behaviour when viewing exported data in Excel (or equivalent) and would manifest if the actual data itself included quotation marks.

As quotation marks are a key character in CSV files, in that they indicate the start and end of each field, data could become misaligned with the relevant column heading if quotes existed in the exported data. This will no longer be the case.

Candidate portal

Choose file/No file chosen text now configurable and translatable

Previously the text related to uploading documents was fixed and English only. This text may now be configured and translated into other languages.

User portal

NEW FEATURE: CC an email address when a new user self-registers when account verification is enabled

This feature allows a fixed user email or client mailbox to be CCed on user verification emails sent when a new user self-registers on the User portal. This may be used by clients to manage the user verification process or to prevent further access if the user who registered shouldn’t have done so.


Update to WYSIWYG editor for rich text fields

Resolves an issue where the text editing features of the “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor would disappear under certain circumstances.


Fix to the style of vacancy document download links

For some configurations, the links to allow candidates, users, and agents to download vacancy documents, such as a job description document from the Vacancy details page did not have its own CSS style and could therefore not be configured to match the client’s branding.

This issue has been resolved, so these links may now be styled as required.

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