How to resolve a 'Could not convert file to PDF' conversion issue (user)

Occasionally, when trying to view a candidate's application, an error may occur, please see below;




Where the candidates CV should appear you will see the above error message instead. the reason this has happened is usually down to the candidate uploading an unsupported file format.

Try just causing the PDF to regenerate

Sometimes, a PDF simply doesn't generate as it should the first time round. The following steps will trigger the system to attempt to regenerate the PDF, which invariably resolves this problem:

  1. Log in to the back office
  2. Go to Candidates tab
  3. Locate the candidate(s) in question
  4. Click on View (or named alternatively) icon, usually a grey pencil icon
  5. When the pop-up loads please scroll down and click Save and Close button at the bottom
  6. Go back to the page where the error was observed - the page will refresh (might take some time to load for the first time)
  7. The candidate's form should now load

Regenerating the PDF doesn't work?

If the above doesn't work, it's most likely one of the following issues:

  • The original document uploaded is corrupt in some way
  • The original document uploaded has dangerous or unsupported characters/code embedded
  • The original document has security on it which is preventing our PDF generator from opening it or combining it with the application form
  • The original document is not a supported file type
  • The original document was uploaded with a file extension which does not match the actual file type

If any of the above is the case, you can try the following to download the original document and print it as a PDF (even if it was a PDF before) or re-save it in the relevant application or as a different file type.

  1. Once logged into the back office, locate the candidate in question
  2. Click on the View icon for the candidate, usually a grey pencil icon
  3. In the pop up box that appears, click on the Documents tab
  4. Find the candidates CV (or other documents if other documents are included in your printable view)
  5. Click on Download raw file to download to your local desktop
  6. Detach the file
  7. Open the original file on your desktop - it it doesn't open at this point, requires a password or is corrupted, you will need to ask the candidate to send you a replacement
  8. If the original document opens fine, click Print, Save as or Save as PDF (as appropriate), e.g. if you have a PDF print driver installed on your PC, you can usually select PDF from the list of printers and save the document as a PDF (we would recommend trying this first)
  9. Re-upload the the re-saved/re-printed document to the relevant field on the Documents page (select Choose file)
  10. When you now click on the Print icon, you should hopefully then see that the issue has been resolved and you can view the candidate's complete application

Still no joy?

Sorry - we're fresh out of ideas. At this point, you'll need to raise a ticket via Zendesk with our Support team, so we can get the heavies on board...

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