How do I report an issue from the back office

Reporting issues

To access this you will need to click either Help and support from the top-right user menu (available from all pages) or Raise a support ticket from the main dashboard page in the back office, as shown below:


This will log you into our Zendesk instance, which is the tool we used to manage support and change requests and from where you can track the status of all your issues. Click Submit a request to log a new issue/ticket, as shown below:

As you type the Subject when submitting a request, the system will suggest articles that might help. For example, typing ‘new user set up’ results in four suggested articles appearing:

If existing articles don’t help you with your query, please fill in the form providing all relevant information. Screenshots and detailed information will help us resolve queries quickly.

Recording your screen

This feature enables you to record what’s happening on your screen, so you can share it with the Advorto support team.

Please note: screen recording is dependent on having relevant permissions. You may need to contact your IT department to access this feature.

In order to start recording please make sure you have the latest version of flash installed and pop-ups enabled. Click Record screencast at the bottom of the ticket and follow the instructions. When installation is complete you should see the following screen:

Submitting the ticket

Once all mandatory fields are filled in click Submit at the bottom of the page. The ticket will now be logged and you can follow progress in the dashboard as described at the beginning of the guide.

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