How do I move a candidate back to the unsubmitted status?

Once a candidate submits their application, they may no longer change the data they submitted, with the exception of their contact details. It's a bit like putting your CV in the post - you can't change it once you've sent it.

However, if the candidate only recently submitted, you can save the day and help them out by moving their application back to the "Unsubmitted" status. This will then allow them to login and change anything on their application.

Once finished, the candidate may then simply click the "Submit" button on their application form again and the resubmitted application will appear back in the New candidates (or equivalent) folder, ready for your screening/selection process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Care should be taken using the "Unsubmit candidate" feature on candidates who have already been through some part of the recruitment process, as the resubmitted application will be treated as a new application, so any audit trail activity from the original application will be lost.

Here's how you do it:

  • Log into the back office
  • Click on the 'Candidates' tab
  • Search/Filter to locate the desired candidate
  • Scroll/look to the the right and click the 'View' icon for the relevant candidate
  • Click on the 'Edit' tab in the pop-up window
  • Click the "Unsubmit candidate" button
  • Notify the candidate that they may now login, make changes and resubmit their application

If you can't see the Edit candidate page described above, this may not be enabled in your configuration or in your particular security group. It may be that this is a function which is only available to super users for example.

Super users - speak to Advorto Support if you would like to request this feature to be added.

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