4.5.10 Release notes - 04 June 2014

Client Portal 4.5.10 release notes

Candidate experience

Use of angular brackets in data entered by candidates could cause errors

Single line free text and multi-line free text fields will now validate that angular brackets are not used and an appropriate message will be displayed to candidates. The message text is configurable.

Some documents uploaded by candidates cause printable view issues (PDF Merge errors)

It is possible to create PDFs with various levels of security, including settings which prevent the document being combined with other documents in a combined PDF (which is what happens when the printable views are generated in the Advorto system).

Some new functionality has been added to detect when there are issues in converting files to PDF or if there are security settings which will prevent the candidate’s document being combined with the coversheet. A message will be displayed to the candidate advising them to try a different file type or to remove the security from the document. The text of this warning message is configurable.

Deleted applications (applications in deleted vacancies) no longer visible in Candidate portal

Applications in deleted vacancies are currently still visible in the Candidate portal. This will now no longer be the case. This includes the lists on the Candidate dashboard and in the lists of applications available to copy when making a new application.


Approvers no longer able to edit requisitions they have rejected

When an Approver rejects a requisition, it is possible for them to edit and resubmit it, if they also have the same role as the role responsible for the stage to which it is rejected. There was an issue here when a requisition is rejected to the original Hiring Manager. Since everyone has the HM user role, then the Approver who rejected the requisition could end up as the assigned HM for a role if they resubmit a requisition, rather than the original correct HM.

Requisition stages may now be configured to permit exclusive access to the person who created a requisition, so the above scenario can no longer occur.

User portal

Use of angular brackets in data entry on back office/user portal feedback pages, e.g. screening, telephone interview, etc. could cause errors

Single line free text and multi-line free text fields will now validate that angular brackets are not used and an appropriate message will be displayed to users. The message text is configurable.

Approvers no longer able to edit requisitions they have rejected

See above – Requisitions section.

Functionality to enable user deletion from the User portal enabled (for Super users)

A delete link will now be displayed next to each user in the User list displayed within the User portal for Super users. There is a confirmation step to confirm a user deletion.

If a user is deleted in error, they may be reinstated from the User management page in the Back office (via the “Show deleted users” button at the bottom of the user list).

Under some circumstances, it was possible for data to be saved to a different candidate when actioning candidates in the User portal

As per the Back office, the User portal will now prevent two candidate action pages (e.g. a screening form for two different candidates) from being open at the same time as this could, under some circumstances, allow one candidate’s data to be saved to the second candidate.

Following this release, if a user tries to open an action page and already has one open, a warning will be displayed that the previous page will be closed, giving them a chance to save any data or changes first if required.

Back office user interface

Functions to mimic users, delete users and to change user passwords is now available for clients in the Back office.

Availability of these functions is now configurable by security group. Clients may want to make these user management features available in the Back office to super users.

Clients who wish to enable this functionality should contact Advorto, detailing which users require the ability to mimic other users (login as a different user, even though they may not have delegated to you), to delete users and to change user passwords. A new “Client super user” security group may be required for these users.

Global preferences no longer editable in the Back office.

Global preferences is deployed functionality. Access to edit global preferences within the Back office could cause unexpected changes to clients who had edited global preferences in the Back office as the deployment would overwrite any changes, reverting them back to the original deployed configuration. Ability to edit global preferences has therefore been removed so prevent this from happening. Clients should notify Advorto Support to make changes to global preferences.

Banned agents/agencies may no longer be invited to vacancies.

It was previously possible to invite agencies/agents with a banned status to vacancies. They no longer appear in the list and the agents will no longer be able to login to the agency portal once banned/deleted.

Alignment of column headings to data/icons in Back office datagrid lists.

Under some circumstances, the alignment of the column headings became out of sync with the alignment of the data and icons in the Back office data grid lists (Candidates list page, Vacancies list page, etc.), requiring users to click the reset button to correct. The alignment should now always be correct in all browsers.

Back office login – single login page for all clients.

There are a number of different URLs for clients to access the Back office, dependent on which system their configuration is deployed to, e.g.,,, etc.

In order to make logging in simpler for clients, we have developed a new login provider mechanism which allows all clients to login from the same URL (, which will then hand you over to the correct system and log you in.

A link to this global client login page will soon be available from the Advorto website, so if any users ever lose the Back office URL, they may find the login page, just by searching for Advorto and finding the company website.

When the login provider is enabled, clients will be redirected to the global login provider login page when going to the current Back office /admin link (e.g and also when logging out from the Back office. N.B. This currently applies to the Live systems only. Test and Staging systems will not redirect as the Login provider only works with the live systems. This functionality is also currently only available for users who do not require access to more than one Advorto system, i.e. if a client has both a Graduate and an Experienced hire system or a partner has access to multiple client systems via the same login email, this functionality is not yet available.

New columns available for use in Candidate views.

The following columns are now available for adding to Candidate views on the Back office Candidates list page datagrid:

»        Candidate language (language the candidate applied in)

»        New interview slot fields (Slot created date/time, Slot start/end date, Slot start/end time, Slot description/notes

»        Registration of interest/Speculative applications fields (Profile status, Active date/time)

»        All talent bank fields

»        Job alert fields (Frequency, Last job alert sent date)

Clients should contact Advorto Support if they would like any of the above fields to be made available on the Candidates list page.

Visibility of SHL test reports in the Back office

Although the data allowing links to be displayed to reports associated with SHL psychometric tests was being captured, these links were not being displayed on the SHL Back office pop-up page to system users. This issue has now been resolved, so users may click through to the SHL system from the Advorto system to view the test reports for particular candidates from the SHL page.

Top-right “Help” link updated to “Support” link with single sign-on to Advorto Zendesk

Advorto recently moved over to using a great product called Zendesk for Customer support. Knowledgebase articles and the CRM process have already been transferred to the new platform.

This release includes an integration with Zendesk to allow users to login to Zendesk directly from the Back office without needing to enter any further login information (single sign-on). Users is specific Advorto security groups may be given access to Zendesk to review knowledgebase articles, release notes and, from this release, to log and track their support issues.

The integration currently only supports users who have an account in a single Advorto system/client, but we are working on bringing this to all clients in the near future (awaiting an update from Zendesk to support this).

Other bugs/issues

When comms are sent by a process, the default delay will now be applied

Where a comms template (email or SMS) had the default delay selected and the comms was sent by a process (candidate bulk process, process icon or button on a pop-up page, such as “Submit screening form”), there was an issue in that the comms delay was not being applied, which meant that comms were being sent out immediately.

There has been a workaround to this issue involving setting explicit delays on comms templates. This is now no longer necessary and the default delay will be followed in all circumstances.

Fix to publishing Partner details on partner systems

There was an issue where Partner details (on Partner/whitelabeled Advorto systems) was not working consistently between Advorto local testing servers and Advorto live servers. This has been resolved, so changes to Partner details may now be reliably published to all systems (back office logo, support contact details).

The “Save” function has also been split from the “Publish” partner details function, to allow details to be saved and then only published when required.

Client information page – improved layout for reporting purposes

The layout of the client information page has been improved. This is a page used by Advorto to display and report on which system version has been deployed to all client systems, when a system was last published to test, staging and live, etc.

Improvement to system monitoring

There was an issue recently where a global configuration change was made in the live Back office, rather than being deployed from System Builder, which resulted in an error on the Advorto-hosted careers site, due to the mismatch between the deployed site and the back office configuration. The issue was that this problem was not picked up by Advorto’s monitoring solution.

A change has therefore been made to the status check page, so this page will not return “OK” if the vacancy search page returns an error, which would be an indication that there was a problem of this nature on a client’s careers site. When the status check page does not return “Ok”, the Advorto monitoring solution triggers an immediate alert to Advorto personnel so that issues of this nature can be rectified immediately, minimising any client downtime.


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