How to add a new user to your system

Adding new users

Adding users to client systems is the responsibility of designated client super users, so if you are not a super user, please contact your Recruitment/HR team to request that a new user be added.

New users can only be added by super users from either the User/Hiring Manager portal or the Backoffice. Alternatively if your system allows self-registration, Hiring Managers may be able to register themselves.

Note that a user should be and only needs to be added once, regardless of whether they require access to the Backoffice or the User Portal and will be able to login to both - the one login covers both parts of the system.

There are three user types:

  • Super users - able to make configuration changes and manage users
  • Users - authorised to login to the Backoffice
  • Hiring Managers - authorised to login to the User/HM portal

For users logging into the Backoffice, the user's security group controls what functionality they will have access to.

Finally, a user's user roles are used to manage vacancy ownership and requisition stage approval rights.

Adding users from the Backoffice:

  1. Log in to the the Backoffice (
  2. Click the Settings tile or option in the User menu (top right)
  3. Click the User Manager tile or option in the left navigation within the "Your System" section

  4. Click the Create User button
  5. Complete all fields on the User form - if unsure about any settings, leave them as the default and check with someone who knows
  6. Click Save
  7. If a Live system, advise the new user to request a new password using the Forgotten Password link on the main log in page
    If adding users to Test or Staging systems, you'll need to set a password on the user's behalf, using the Set password option, as these systems don't send external emails

Adding users from the User portal:

  1. Log in to the User portal (
  2. Navigate to the list of users - Your system > Users in the main User portal navigation or click the Users link/button in the Users section of the Dashboard page
  3. Complete the user form as above


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