4.5.7 Release notes - 06 February 2014


HM Portal

Registration page displays wrong text in the validation message box
Corrected validation text on User/Register.aspx

• Starting and ending text on Templates > Create requisition page not displayed
- Added starting and ending text display to User > Requisition > Templates.aspx and TemplatesAdmin.aspx

• Errors in User and Agency portal kick you out to the Candidate portal
- Fixed the return hyperlink to go back to the referrer's URL. However this is to default Search.aspx when Error.aspx is entered directly.

• Add User page does not have a page title
- Added title to Add User page

• When postback occurs on create requisition form the page jumps to a different position
- Resolved issue related to the requisition form page jumping to a different position when some controls cause a postback where a multiline rich text field or cascading classifier is present higher up the page.

- Notes: Where a postback takes time to occur and a user has scrolled from the position on the page at the point the postback occurred, the form will still move back to where they were at the point of the postback. This may be avoided by reducing the size of the requisition form or splitting long forms up into multiple pages.

• You can't import the same candidate to two different vacancies
- Import now takes into account existing Persons based on the email address. There is a check to see if an existing Person has already applied to the Vacancy and will ignore it if it has.

- The following Person fields are updating during an import if the Person already exists:

- Importing the same candidate to two different vacancies will now work
- Option to import candidates without submitting them (uncheck the submit candidates checkbox)
- Import now imports Title and Mobile fields correctly

• Rich text editor (multi-line text box) use on requisition form now removes invalid HTML, i.e. you can now safely paste content from MS Word.

• Posting to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from the vacancy details page in the HM Portal would use a shortened URL pointing back at this internal page rather than the external vacancy details page

• New default HM Portal brand (if no custom master page):
- Where a custom User Portal master page is implemented (currently all v4.5 clients), client choice will be to adopt the new standard design (remove the custom master page) or to maintain their current design. Suggest maintain current design in the short term.

- IMPORTANT: There are a couple of new standard elements and minor changes to the Dashboard page which will need the relevant CSS applied prior to publishing any v4.5 clients to live following R7.

Candidate Portal

• Viewing job alerts was not working if a classifier was selected to be part of the table shown on the page (see Candidate portal > Update job alerts > View current jobs that match your profile)

• VacancyCountByClassifier control not working correctly
- Classifier is now correctly looked up by globally unique identifier rather than name

• Currently selected requisition view is not highlighted
- Added CSS class to highlight selected requisition view


• Document upload controls now validate correctly if they are mandatory
- It was previously possible to select but not actually upload a document and have the page still validate

• Some config duplication causes errors
- Now possible to have two Folders, ApplicationFormListItems or ClassifierItems with the same name.

• View vacancy link now works in Safari within iFrame


• Repeaters for Person level data were not being auto generated for printable views properly (same sets of fields entered multiple times, e.g. address history with Add another address option)
o This meant that no values would show for repeaters that had a person subject. This can be manually fixed for existing clients by changing the ReadOnlyRepeater’s subject on printable view page. Any printable views generated in future will be fine.

• Translations are now handled differently internally to avoid a case where the [TRANSLATE] tag would be processed but the appropriate entry not added to the translation page

• Hide required checkboxes for Title, OpeningDate, ClosingDate, Description, Notes and Reference on requisition stage definition form as this is not actually supported by RT currently

• Added Assessment slot vacancy search pattern to template so new systems will work out of the box

• Fixed an issue with config updater (moving to newer version of ClientPortal) that affected systems that did not have requisition views

• Obsolete login ID field removed from System Pages > Candidate Account Setup > Register

• Added ability to edit heading on Copy Application page

• Added option to specify forgotten password email template for Agencies

• Removed checkboxes for VacancyUserRoles on Stage Definition page

• Fixed ordering of processes – order of process icons and processes in bulk action list may now be reliable controlled

• ROI - Added identifiers as per Talent Bank
- RegistrationOfInterestActive and RegistrationOfInterestActiveDateTime added to the list of selectable columns of a Text Search Column control.


• Bulk assigning users to user roles on vacancy list page would not work for clients that use vacancy status rather than vacancy workflow

• Posting to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from the vacancy selection page (reached by selecting a vacancy on vacancy list page) would use a shortened URL pointing back at this internal page rather than the external vacancy details page

• When you save a personal requisition view, you are taken back to the Home page, rather than the Requisitions page

- Redirected response page from Home page to Requisition page when personal requisition view is saved 

• Mail Merge - Edit Uploaded Document bug
- Fixed Mail Merge template bug which occurred when changing document
- Update / Change attached file now triggers post-back.

• Some identity signature misaligned when previewing emails
- Display preview in iFrame instead of in-line

• Issue saving reports
- Saving edited report now works

• Forward by email - 'To' recipient is now mandatory

• Resolved issue uploading a document to an agency while creating agency

• Change document globally unique identifier when document changes
- The configuration import now performs an MD5 hash against the existing file and the file to be published. It will only save a new version if the file has changed.

• Occasional failure to generate forgotten password email addressed


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