4.5.9 Release notes - 06 May 2014

Client Portal 4.5.9 release notes

Candidate experience

New “Single shot form” option

Following R9, it is expected that this feature will be ready. This will allow application forms to be delivered either with no registration process at all; or with registration inline on an application form page.


New data to be available to add to requisition views/lists

The following fields will be made available to add to requisition views and lists in both the Back office and the User portal

- Users who can action a requisition (i.e. answers the question “Who can approve this requisition?”, allowing recruiters or managers to have visibility of who is responsible for actioning a requisition at a particular stage, allowing them to chase up approvers where required)

- Currently assigned to

- Currently assigned to user email

- Current list of roles who can action a requisition at a particular stage

Requisition actions which are set to not validate the page aren't working

Currently, users need to complete any compulsory fields on the form before rejecting or challenging a requisition. The fix will mean that these fields will no longer need to be entered, if the requisition is being challenged or rejected.

Users who challenge requisitions are able to immediately edit a requisition after challenging it

This fix will resolve the issue where a user who challenges a requisition is taken to the requisition stage that the requisition is sent to. This means that the user who rejected the issue is able to fill it out and submit it.

Now, when the requisition is moved backwards through the workflow, the user will simply be redirected to the relevant list page, rather than the requisition form page.

User portal

Enhancements to User portal dashboard page

- The “More…” link will now be displayed where the number of vacancies in the list is greater than 5.

- Some sections of the dashboard are currently still being displayed when they are not configured for a client. All sections which aren't required as part of a client’s configuration will now be hidden.

User portal password validation messages

The validation message appears behind the password text box in some browsers where the password entered by a user does not match the required security rules. This means that the full text of the warning message is not visible to users. This will be amended to ensure that the full message text will always be visible.

User portal dashboard pipeline charts look better with the chart labels displayed to the side of the chart

A previous release moved the labels to be displayed on top of the chart. This often looks messy, so the labels will be moved back to being displayed to the left side of the pipeline charts.


Customise what happens to a candidate when they self-withdraw

Currently, it is compulsory to select a specific folder which candidates will go to when they self-withdraw. This change will allow either a specific folder or a process to be configured to go to a specific withdraw folder i.e. ‘withdrawn at online tests’ or ‘withdrawn at interview’

Withdraw reason – ‘Other’ data is now reportable

Where candidates select “Other” as their reason for withdrawal, the details field was not available to add to views or reports. It will be following R9.

Allow documents to be personal or global

The system currently has no concept of “Personal” documents. This means that all users who have access to the Documents section currently can view and edit global documents in the Back office. Any changes to these documents would currently be overwritten each time an update or upgrade to a system is deployed. This change will allow global documents which are part of a deployment to be distinguished from personal documents uploaded by particular users and prevent users from being able to make changes to global documents which would be overwritten.

Adding attachments to calendar invites causes the invite to be received as an email, rather than a calendar invite

This change will allow attachments to be supported when sending calendar invites from the system.

New login provider functionality

This is a universal login provider which serves two purposes:

- It will enable all clients to login from the same login URL, regardless of the underlying system URL, e.g.,,, etc.

- This also supports our new integration with Zen Desk (See which is the new platform Advorto have selected to manage customer service and support. This will allow clients to log and track their own support issues from within the system by logging into Zen Desk from the Advorto Back Office as well as providing access to a wealth of support and training information.

Allow access to Advorto Analytics to be deployable

This enables a new security group option which will manage which security groups will be allowed access to Advorto Analytics.

Back office user interface

Home tab in Back office is sometimes difficult to click on

The home tab is easier to click

Users with access are able to edit folders, workflow statuses and processes in the Back office

As this is now global configuration which is deployed, any changes made in the Back office would be overwritten on each deployment. These options will therefore no longer be available in the Back office.

Enhancement to search box on Assessments calendar view

This search box currently only supports searching by Id. This change will allow search by interviewer as well.

Fixes to My Assessments issues

My assessments will show a filtered list of slots based on the currently logged in user. The icon for a particular series will show slots in that series.

The orange message box which appears after running a process or action on a candidate disappears too quickly

This change will mean that the message will stay on the screen until a user clicks to close the message, giving them as much time as they need to look at what has happened and read any warning or notification messages.

Issue with the display of user role multi-select list/check box fields on the Vacancy-edit page

This fix will address an issue with the display and layout of the multi-select list/check box fields on Vacancy-edit page. Currently the alignment of this type of field is not in line with other fields on the page and an additional blank (unselectable) drop-down list is displayed where it shouldn't be.

Other bugs/issues

Some characters entered in text boxes cause system errors

This issue will prevent characters, such as < or > from causing errors if candidates or users enter these into any system fields.

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