Amending personal email templates

In order to amend a personal email template, please follow those steps: 

  • Log in to the back office.
  • Select Setup tab from the main navigation
  • Click on Email Templates in the Documents and Templates section on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Template type selection will allow you to select 'Email', 'SMS', 'Mailmerge' and 'Journal'.
  • Selecting 'Email' will display a full list of global and personal email templates. Click View in order to amend an existing personal template. If you wish to add a new personal template please select Add New Template at the top of the page. (more help how to add new templates could be found here)

IMPORTANT: If a template is marked as False in the Global column then it is an email template that is personal to the user's account. This means ONLY the user logged in can see the email template. If the template is marked as True then it is a global email template which can be seen by all. You cannot amend a global template from this page.

Please note that in order to add or make changes to any global email template, the user is required to contact either Recruitment team or Advorto support team.

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