Importing candidates - bulk import

This feature allows you to import candidates in bulk to a vacancy. This may be useful, for example, if candidates have applied in a different system or are being imported from a different database and did not apply themselves via the Advorto system.

This is a Recruiter portal (Back office) feature only.

If this feature is configured for your implementation and enabled for your security group, the "Import candidates" feature is available from the Vacancies page/tab.

Here's how you use it:

  1. Go to the Vacancies page/tab and find the vacancy you wish to import the candidates to
  2. Click the "Import candidates" icon () for the relevant vacancy (you may need to pick a specific vacancy status, rather than "All" to see this option)
  3. From the pop-up page click the "Download CSV" template button to download an Excel .CSV file with all the column headings which have been configured to be available for import/update
  4. Enter or copy and paste the data you want to import into the relevant columns - one row per candidate
  5. You must enter a date in the "Person.RegisteredDate" field if this field is configured to be available (otherwise the date will be generated automatically)
  6. You must also enter an email address for the candidate and their name, but most other fields are optional
  7. Your system may also have a "NoSubmissionEmail" column configured (or similar - usually the last column) - enter a value of "True" in this column for any candidates who you do NOT want to be sent the standard acknowledgement of application email
  8. When entering data for any fields which have fixed lists of options on the form in the system, make sure you enter data in exactly the correct format, so the data will match that which is entered for other candidates
  9. Once you have added all the data you want to import to the Excel CSV file, save it to your PC or Network, making sure you save it as file type .CSV
  10. Now you can return to the Import candidates pop-up page and click the "Choose File" button
  11. Browse to the location when you saved your file on your PC or Network and select it
  12. Click "Upload CSV" to upload the file to the system
  13. If you want the candidates to be able to login and complete the application form themselves, make sure the "Submit imported candidates?" check box is NOT checked - you may then email the imported candidates, requesting that they verify their account (via the Verify account/Forgotten password page on the Candidate portal) and complete and submit their application
  14. If you want to submit the candidates fully, so they will appear in your "New candidates" (or equivalent) folder, check the box to submit imported candidates - note that in most cases, this will also send an email to the candidate letting them know that they have been submitted to the system (unless a specific column in the CSV file is configured to allow you to disable this)
  15. Click "Begin import" to start the import
  16. Click "Yes" to the "Are you sure?" question to import the candidates
  17. If the import completes within 30 seconds, the system will display a message indicating how many candidates were successfully imported and any errors (e.g. if a candidate you tried to import already existed in the vacancy), otherwise you will see a message informing you that you will be emailed once the import is complete and you can also check the "Data import/export activities" page to check on progress at any point


  • Do not change any of the column headings in the CSV import template
  • Do not close the import window until you have seen the acknowledgement that your import is in progress
  • The email address is used as a unique identifier, so make sure it is correct
  • Any "Person data" that is imported, such as contact details will overwrite data in any other existing applications a candidate may have, so ensure that this data is correct prior to importing

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