Candidate dashboard - overview

What is the candidate dashboard?

Candidate Dashboard is a central place where candidates can track the progress of the application(s) as well us update certain information i.e. contact details. This page is available to every registered candidate even to those who have not made any applications. Logged in candidates can access the portal by clicking the link located at the top of the page (or in the top navigation panel – depending on the design of your careers website). Candidate Dashboard might have an alternative name i.e. “Home page” or “Your home page”.

What’s included in the dashboard?

Dependant on your individual configuration candidates might have access to all or some of the areas/portals:

* Job alerts – candidates are able to subscribe to regular job alert notifications

* Register of interest/Speculative vacancy – candidates can register their interest (e.g. for forthcoming campaigns – used mainly in graduate systems) or submit a speculative application (used mainly in experienced hire systems)

* Update contact details – candidates can amend basic contact details (e.g. name, email, mobile number and address)

* Update password – candidates are able to update their password

* See all applications (this section is visible after at least 1 application has been started). The application section consist of 3 main areas:

- Unsubmitted applications – applied but not yet submitted

- Submitted applications – applications received in the system. Please note: it is possible to configure the system so candidates can see their current status which is driven from the folder the candidate is in.

- Withdrawn/Other – this table will include any withdrawn and killer question failed applications.

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