Unsubmitted candidates – what are they and what can I do with them?

Submitted vs. unsubmitted candidates

An unsubmitted candidate is a person who has registered for a position, but has not submitted their application.

What is the submission process?

A candidate can start an application and return to it whenever he likes. This gives the candidate the freedom to come and go as they refine their answers, or get certain information for their application.

Once the candidate is ready to submit their form, they see a very clear message inviting them to do so, they accept the terms of submission, they can then press a button titled “Submit application”. Once complete they will receive an email confirming safe receipt of their submission.

Why would a candidate not submit?

There are many reasons the candidate might not choose to submit their application form once started:

  • They realised that the application process was longer/harder than they anticipated.
  • They needed further information to complete the application.
  • They changed their mind/took another position.

What can we do to get them moving again?

By design, the system always captures firstname, surname and email address of the candidates when they register. This means that we can send them ‘chaser emails’. These chaser emails are valuable because they prompt the candidate to return.

What can we do to report on unsubmitted candidates?

We can report on the number of candidate registered, the times/dates they registered and what vacancy they applied for.

Can we see other details about the candidate?

No – because the candidate’s application isn’t complete, we can’t accept any information there as good data. Also, the candidate has not put this information forward as correct, or as part of a submission, so it simply cannot be used.

What if a candidate doesn’t want to proceed with their application?

A candidate can withdraw from their application at any time. This means they are no longer classed as a registrant against that vacancy.

My unsubmitted candidate list feels untidy, how can I clean it up?

The system has an “auto-withdraw” candidate feature that allows you to specify either a time period, or ‘after a X chasers’ that candidates will then be withdrawn and your list of candidates will be tidy again!

Help, I’ve got an unsubmitted candidate(s) that I really want to get into the recruitment process.

The best thing to do here is to send a compelling email to that candidate telling them that they should complete the process and complete the application form.

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