My requisitions

What is “My requisitions”?

The Dashboard displays a pipeline chart and summary table showing the progress of requisitions you have submitted as a Hiring Manager into the approval workflow. This may also include requisitions which have been rejected back to you by an approver. You will also receive emails notifying you of the progress of your requisitions.

* Clicking on a section of the chart will take you to the list of requisitions at that status

* Navigate to your full list of requisitions by either clicking the More… link from the summary list on the dashboard page or any of the links to My requisitions on the dashboard page or in the main navigation at the top

* Click Create new requisition to create a new one by completing and submitting the requisition form

* Requisition templates may be available to help start the process or you may opt to start with a blank template (in some systems, it is compulsory to select a template first)

* Click the link in the My requisitions table to view or action your requisitions

* Use the Search box to search for a particular requisition if required

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