My candidates

What is “My candidates”?

The Dashboard page displays a pipeline chart and summary table showing candidates who are at statuses which you have visibility of. You will also receive emails when a candidate is moved to a stage requiring your action.

* Depending on the configuration of your system, you may not have visibility of your candidates at all stages. In most cases, Hiring Managers will only have visibility of candidates who are at stages which require an action by the Hiring Manager.

* Navigate to your full list of candidates by clicking the More… link from the summary list on the dashboard page or My Candidates in the main navigation at the top

* Click View application to view the candidate’s application form and CV (if applicable)

* Click the Next steps link (or equivalent, e.g. Screening) to perform an action on a candidate, such as screening, arranging or confirming an interview, completing offer details, etc. The options available will depend on your system’s configuration and the stages which Hiring Managers are required to perform actions

* Use the Search box to search for a particular candidate

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