Super Agents

Who are the Super Agents?

For each agency that you add, you may optionally designate one or more agents at that agency to be a Super Agent. A Super Agent is an Agency Super User and has the following additional functionality over and above normal agents:

* Ability to manage users within their own agency, including adding other agents, deleting agents, updating details, helping other users at their company with login information, etc.

* Ability to mimic (login as) another agent to view their vacancy and candidate activity

* Ability to reassign candidates from one agent to another agent

* Ability to view all vacancies/candidates for the entire agency, regardless of which agent was invited

* Ability to set other users to be Super Agents

The people you designate as Super Agents are likely to be your main contacts at each particular agency, but some may request that you provide this level of access to someone else, e.g. someone with administration responsibilities within their business.

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