Adding new and editing existing agents

How to add a new and edit existing agent?

There are a four options for adding new agents:

1) Click Add new Agent option in the Agency tab sub-navigation (this will require you to select which agency)

2) Click the Add new Agent icon for a specific agency in the Agency datagrid list (this will automatically select the relevant agency for the agent)

3) If the agency already has a designated Super Agent, then they may add agents to their own agency themselves from the Agency Portal

4) Finally, if agency self-registration is enabled in your system, new agents can register themselves via the Agency Portal. Provided that the email address they use to register with matches an approved agency, they will be automatically allocated to that agency.

In all cases above, the agent registration form must be completed:

* Assign the agent to the appropriate agency if this isn’t already selected

* Complete the standard fields – Title, Name, Contact info, etc.

* Check the Active box if you want the agent to be active

* If you want to be able to email the agent inviting them to vacancies, check the Can Receive Emails option

* If you want the agent to be a Super Agent (able to manage other agents within their own agency), check the Is Super Agent option

* Set a relevant status (suggest using the Approved status, unless you are operating a tiered agency PSL, in which case you may choose to allocate agencies to Tier 1 (PSL T1) or Tier 2 (PSL T2)

* If Agency classifiers have been implemented in your system, you may classify the agent as appropriate so they will only appear for vacancies appropriate to their area of work. This will then mean that they will only appear in the list of inevitable agents for appropriate vacancies.

* Click Save to save the agency details or Cancel to cancel

* If you wish, you can set a password for the agent by clicking the Blank password icon available on the grid. Alternatively, they can request their own password from the Agent login page on the website.

To edit the details for an existing agent, click the Edit icon for the agent you want to edit in the list of agents in the datagrid. Amend the existing information as indicated above.

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