Advorto Analytics - Raw data reports - Filtering, sorting and output columns

Once you have selected the columns you wish to be included in your report you can setup any filtering or sorting required:

Filters – Filters enable you to restrict the data returned by a report.  For example you may wish to only see vacancies that have opened in the last month:


 Or only vacancies that are currently open: 

These filters can be made available to be changed at run time by any user running the report.  This is simply done by checking the ‘Allow run-time filtering’ box.

Sorting – Sorting can be added to any column of the report.  For example the below will sort the report by opening date where the most recent opening dates will be displayed first:


Multiple sorting can be applied if required.  In this example the vacancies will be sorted by opening date then alphabetically by vacancy title.


Output columns and Aliases – By default all of the columns that you selected for your report will be included (raw data reports only).  Each column can be given an alias, ordered and selected to be included in the report output.  If no alias is entered the column will use the field name as the column header.

 In some scenarios you may wish to have columns as part of the report for filtering purposes but not show the column as part of the report output.  In this case simply un-check the ‘Include in Output’ box.

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