PC and browser requirements

The Advorto Recruitment Management System is a browser based application that is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

This means that there are no ‘server requirements’ as there is no ‘installation’ on any PC/server at your office.


PC requirements

In general a Microsoft Windows-based PC that is capable of running a browser is compatible with the system, however, the better the PC/infrastructure the better the performance of the system will be.

Below is a table showing minimum and recommended specifications

Item Minimum Recommended
Operating system Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows 8
Browser Internet Explorer 9+ IE11, Firefox*, Chrome*
Computer Processor Pentium III - 800 MHz Core 2 – 2GHz or above
Computer Memory 512 MB or more 2GB
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024 or higher
Screen colour depth 8 bit 24 bit
Bandwidth 56kbps (modem equivalent) 512kbps (broadband equivalent)

 *assuming latest version

Browser requirements

The user experience will be optimised for modern browsers (IE9+, current version of Chrome/Safari/Firefox).

The browser must have JavaScript and SSL installed and enabled.

Popup blockers: Popups must be enabled for the system to work. Some PCs do have multiple pop-up blockers installed – each and every one must be disabled for the system to work.

There are no special requirements that the system needs.


Frequently asked questions

Does the system use Java and therefore require a Java runtime environment?

No, the system does not use Java.

Does the system use ActiveX controls?


Does the system require any special configuration for firewalls or proxy servers?


Are there any virus risks associated with your software?

No. Our system converts all uploaded documents to PDF for safe viewing. However, we would always recommend the use of anti-virus software.

Does the system use cookies?

Yes, the system uses a special type of cookie called a ‘session’ cookie. This cookie holds a single piece of information that enables the server to identify you as you use the system. When you log out of the system, the cookie is automatically deleted.

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