4.5.8 Release notes - 11 March 2014


HM Portal

•The icons at the bottom of the HM Portal default style did not work and have therefore been removed

• Users can no longer delegate to each other as doing so used to break the HM Portal for that user
- This change prevents users who are being delegated to from delegating to anyone else


• Evaluators that exceed the current size of a repeater now no longer fail when trying to retrieve (using a literal for example) values from the second item (index) in a repeater that only contained one item
- It will now simply return an empty value

• It is now no longer possible to detach a file and then leave the page if it is a required field and the file will no longer shows as still present when returning to the page at a later point

• The import/update mechanism will now only import data that is provided and ignore columns that are configured for import but not included in the dataset


• The Label field for classifier repeaters is now selectable from the drop down lists used for selecting the source for literals or dynamic labels


• It used to be possible for users to delegate to each other which lead to users not being able to log in
- This change prevents users who are being delegated to from delegating to anyone else

• List page columns that could potentially have multiple concatenated values but instead have none now no longer fail

• A new mechanism for mass imports and updates has been added
- This is available for developers to set off only at the moment
- It allows for a large number of candidates to be updated / imported in one go without the risk of timeouts

• A new “Update” method now exists as an action and allows data for an existing candidate to be updated
- It is accessed as a vacancy action

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