Situational judgement questionnaires

What is an SJQ (or SJT)?

An SJQ (or SJT) is a situational judgement questionnaire or test. Situational judgement tests present candidates with a range of different situations that they might experience in the job for which they are applying. For each situation, a number of possible actions are suggested. There are usually around 4 or 5 actions but this varies. It is the candidate’s job to choose between these possible options and judge which is the most effective course of action to take and therefore which action they would take if faced with this situation. SJTs are always multiple-choice; no answers other than the options listed are allowed. The situations (or scenarios as they are sometimes called) are almost always reflective of a real-life aspect of the job.

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Configuration options

* Advorto is able to configure the test in 2 ways:

- Pre-submission - during an application form where each candidate is required to complete the test (most common)

- Post submission – it is possible to configure the test to be accesses via a top-up form, available only to selected candidates

* Depending on the system requirement client can specify the pass-mark per test type if multiple tests are required

* For further configuration options please contact Advorto support

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