Vacancy folder bar

What are the vacancy folders?

The folders indicate the statuses which are available to you. These may be standard system statuses (Status section) or custom statuses (Workflow section). Where custom workflow statuses are implemented, each workflow status will be set to match a particular underlying system status. The available standard system statuses are as follows:

* Templates – vacancies set to a template status can be selected as a template when creating a new vacancy (optional configuration when the Requisitions module is not implemented)

* Proposed, Staging – these statuses can be used for a basic vacancy authorisation process if the Requisitions module is not implemented. These vacancies will not ever be published

* Open – this status is used for current vacancies which are actively recruiting. Open vacancies will be published if the relevant options are selected on the vacancy (e.g. Opening/Closing dates within range, set to publish on external careers site)

* Closed – this status is used to manually close a vacancy prior to the closing date passing (candidates can not apply to closed vacancies)

* Archived – this status is generally used once a vacancy has been filled

N.B. Archiving a vacancy also archives all candidates associated with the vacancy

* Deleted – vacancies which have been deleted for some reason, e.g. if created in error

Using vacancy folders

* You can hide the folder bar if you wish by clicking the vertical < bar to the right of the folder list

* You can collapse each section of the folder bar (e.g. Workflow, Views, etc.) by clicking the section heading

* Click a status folder to view the vacancies set to the selected status

* The numbers next to each folder tell you how many vacancies are in each folder.


The statuses which are available to you is based on the vacancy status/workflow security configured within your security group. When security is implemented, you may have any of the following levels of access to each status folder:

* Full – you are able to perform any actions on vacancies within this folder within the limitation of your other security group settings (e.g. you may not have access to add candidates). You may move vacancies into and out of the folder

* Read-only – you are only able to view, but not action vacancies within the folder. You may also not change the status of a vacancy to a status you have read-only access to

* No access – not visible – you will not see the folder at all

If you select the All folders option, you may not have access to some features that are available when you are in a particular folder. If you can’t see a function you usually have access to, try selecting a particular folder.

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