Candidate actions

What are the candidate actions?

* Printable view – open a printable view of the candidate’s application

N.B. This usually combines information captured on the online form with relevant uploaded documents, such as the candidate’s CV as a single PDF file

* View – view the candidate file. Access to key basic information and other pages configured in your system where you may view, edit or add data to the candidate record e.g.

- Links/Navigation to other pages such as Documents (add additional docs or update CV), Edit/Edit Person - edit contact info, update account info and set/reset passwords, Offer - open the Offer form, Vetting/Checks – open the compulsory checks form, etc.

- Flags - add a flag to the person/candidate

- Test scores (e.g. SHL) - view test scores or reset tests,

- Mimic - access to mimic features – see what the candidate can see - logs you into the Candidate portal at the top level (Mimic person) or at the application level (Mimic candidate)

* Custom actions – these will depend on the configuration of your system

These all open a pop-up form page which allows you to view or enter data about a candidate e.g.

- Screening form(s)

- Telephone interview script(s)

- Interview scheduling and feedback form(s)

- Offer form

- Vetting/Compulsory checks form

In some configurations, this may be a single icon which opens the relevant form (as above), based on the status that the candidate is currently at.

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