Delegation (Hiring Manager/User portal)

What is delegation?

If this option is configured on your system, this allows you to delegate access to your account to another user (e.g. so they may raise or approve requisitions on your behalf; view your vacancies and view/action your candidates whilst you are on holiday).

  • Click the Delegate option from the main update details menu at the top or from this section on the Dashboard page
  • Search for the user you want to delegate to
  • Click the Delegate link to delegate your access to them
  • If you are currently delegating to someone, you will see this on your delegation page and your dashboard
  • Click Stop delegating to stop delegation

When someone has delegated to you, a new section is visible on your Dashboard page:

  • When My work (or equivalent) is selected, you are viewing your own data
  • Select a different user from the drop-down list to view their data and perform actions on their behalf (all users who have delegated to you will appear in the list)

Important note for Super users
The above only applies if you are logging into the User portal directly. The delegation functionality is not displayed to super users mimicking other users in the User portal.

If you are a super user and you want to set up delegation for a user other than yourself, you will need to mimic the user in the Backoffice and then go Settings > Delegation. You may then pick the person you want that user to be delegated to.

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