Approvals (users with an Approver role only)

What are the approvals?

The Dashboard page displays a RAG chart and summary table of requisitions awaiting your approval. You will also receive emails notifying you when you are required to approve a requisition.

* Green – awaiting approval < 1 working day

* Amber – awaiting approval 1-2 working days

* Red – awaiting approval >2 days

* Navigate to your full list of approvals by clicking the More… link from the summary list on the dashboard page or selecting Approvals from within the My requisitions menu in the main navigation at the top

* There are two tables – one for requisitions awaiting your approval and one for requisitions you have approved (in some cases, requisitions may appear in both tables, but any requisitions awaiting approval still require action)

* Click the Action (or equivalent) link to review the details of a requisition awaiting your approval, complete any additional required fields and then click the relevant Approve or Reject buttons at the bottom to process the requisition as required (you will be prompted to enter a reason if you are rejecting a requisition)

* Use the Search box to search for a particular

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