Further communications to invited agents – about vacancies (or anything other than candidates)

How to communicate with invited agents about vacancies?

From the Send to agencies page:

* Click the email icon to email a particular agent

* To send an email to multiple agents, check the box next to each agent you want to email or the Select all box at the top, then select Email from the bulk action list and click Go

* You may either select an existing template or create an ad hoc email (if you have permissions to do this).

* Contact Advorto Support if you require any new global templates to be added to your system.

From the Agent audit trail:

* You can get to the Agent audit trail from two places:

- From the Send to agencies page

- From the main Agent list page (Back office Agency tab)

If configured in your security group, you can resend emails which have been previously sent to agents or to use previous emails as a template for a new email from the Agent audit trail.

Within the Communication audit section of the audit page:

* Click View to select the template you want to resend or copy

* Click Resend to send the same email again

* Click Send copy of email to open up the original email and make edits to send as a new email

* Click Back to list to go back to the audit trail view

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