Gross Negative Disqualifiers - typical queries

Queries related to GNDs and killer questions

Q: Can the candidate re-take the questions?

A: No, the candidate is not allowed to re-take the questions.

Q: Candidate made an error and answered the questions incorrectly. The system says he/she did not meet the minimum required for the role but they’d like to re-apply with the same email address. What do I do?

A: You can now reset candidate's killer question. Please refer to this article:

Q: Can the candidate access the page again to change the answers once they’ve gone past the page (e.g. by using “Back” button in their browsers)?

A: No, they system locks down the page so it is not possible to go back to the page once the answers are submitted.

Q: Can the recruiter report on candidates who failed the killer questions (e.g. to see individual responses)?

A: Yes, candidate answers are viewable in the back office. This might not be configured on your system by default therefore you would be required to contact Advorto support for assistance.

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