Application withdrawal

How to withdraw an application?

Application withdrawal is a standard functionality which is available on all Version 4 system (unless disabled upon special request). Each candidate is able to withdraw any submitted application and provide the reason behind this. A standard list of reasons would include the following:

- Accepted another job offer

- No longer interested in the position

- Health problem

- I have decided to stay in my current role

- My personal circumstances have changed

- Salary too low

- Problem with the location of the role

- Other (triggers an additional box to provide further reasons)

The link to withdraw is available on the Application status page which is accessible from the Dashboard page.

Queries related to withdrawing applications

Q: Can you re-instate withdrawn application?

A: Yes, provided you have access to manual folder moves you can move the candidate to any folder in the back office

Q: Can the candidate withdraw their application accidently?

A: It is not possible to withdraw the application accidently as the system will perform a double check before letting the candidate to click the “Withdraw” button

Q: Can the candidate re-apply for the same position after withdrawing the application?

A: No, it is not possible to apply again for the same position with the same email address after withdrawing an application. It is required to remove the application from the system if the candidate wishes to re-apply with the same email address. If you have no ability to delete candidates please contact Advorto support with your query.

Q: Can I report on the withdrawal reasons?

A: Yes, the data is stored in the system against each application and it’s possible to report on the reasons (incl. additional information written when “Other” is selected) in the back office as well as Advorto Analytics.

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