Troubleshooting candidate problems – application form issues

How to troubleshoot application form problems?

If a candidate calls up who is having difficulty with their application form, do as follows:

* Login to the back office

* Click the Unsubmitted link on the Candidate tile or navigate via the Candidates page Candidates > Unsubmitted (the candidate will be in unsubmitted candidates if they have not yet completed their application form)

* Search for the candidate in question by entering their name or email in an appropriate search box

* Click the View icon for the candidate

* Click the Mimic Person or Mimic Candidate buttons on the View pop-up screen to login to the candidates account (Person = top level, Candidate = application level)

* You may now see what the candidate can see and can either inform the candidate what the problem is by looking at the relevant section of the form; or report an issue to Advorto Support is there is a problem

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