Registration of interest (ROI) module

What is the ROI module?

The Registration of interest (ROI) module is used in situations where clients do not recruit all year round and want to capture the interest of potential candidates so they may be contacted once the campaign does start, for example for seasonal graduate campaigns. The concept is not dissimilar to talent bank and job alerts. The data captured tends to be more involved than job alerts and the activation of an ROI profile is driven from the candidate side, rather than the client side. Candidates who register interest may then be pro-actively communicated with in the run up to a campaign starting and notified when they may complete an actual application. With sufficient numbers registering interest, it may be possible to significantly reduce advertising budgets for example.

What’s available for the candidate?

The candidate is able to register or update their interest on the careers site. Advorto is able to add additional option to the registration page i.e. department or programme stream lists.

Queries related to ROI functionality

Q: Can I customise questions I want to ask the candidate on the ROI form?

A: Yes, please contact Advorto support for advice on what fields can be added as you might have some limitations on what can be added.

Q: Can the candidate un-register their interest?

A: Yes, there’s a button on the form that allows the candidate to opt-out.

Q: Can the ROI form be updated by the candidate at any given time?

A: Yes, links to update the ROI form are widely available on the careers portal (candidate is required to log in). Please remember: when a campaign starts Advorto would disable the functionality.

Q: Can I see all the candidate who registered for the ROI form?

A: Yes, Advorto support can provide a guidance how this data is retrieved in the back office.

Q: I am running a campaign and I don’t have the ROI form enabled on my careers portal, what do I do?

A: Please contact Advorto support for consultation.

Q: Can I email all registered candidates from the back office to inform them about the campaign opening soon?

A: Yes, please contact Advorto support for assistance if unsure how to bulk email people.

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