Speculative vacancy - typical queries

Queries related to speculative vacancy

Q: Can I customise questions I want to ask the candidate on the speculative vacancy form?

A: Yes, please contact Advorto support for advice on what fields can be added as you might have some limitations on what can be added. Please remember this is optional so even though you have the option enabled this might not be configured.

Q: Can the candidate un-register their interest?

A: Yes, there’s a button on the form that allows the candidate to opt-out.

Q: Can the speculative vacancy be updated by the candidate at any given time?

A: Yes, links to update speculative vacancy are widely available on the careers portal (candidate is required to log in).

Q: Can I search for registered candidates in the back office?

A: Yes, there should be an option to search across the registered population in the Advanced search tab

Q: I am unable to find searching option in Advanced search tab.

A: Don’t worry – it’s possible this is not configured on your system. Please contact Advorto support to configure the search option.

Q: I don’t have speculative vacancy option enabled on my careers portal, what do I do?

A: Please contact Advorto support for consultation.

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