Business/vacancy classifier changes – what are the implications?

Vacancy classifiers

Vacancies in Advorto are classified according to the client’s business requirements. Examples of classifiers are ‘Department’ and ‘Location’

Business requirements are of course subject to change, which will mean periodically, you may need to add new ‘classifier items’, eg new departments or locations, or rename them.

Types of change

  •          New classifier items
  •          Rename classifier items
  •          Splitting existing items into multiple new items
  •          Deleting items completely


Most classifiers can now be enabled as self-service to allow client Super Users to make changes, without recourse to Advorto Support. See the below article for more information:

How do I add edit or delete options in classifier lists?

If self-service is not configured or not available (for good reason), then read on below...

New classifier items

This is straightforward – just email with a Change Request form and let us know which classifier needs new items adding:


“Please add 3 new ‘Locations’: Basingstoke, Norwich, Hull”

If we run more than one system for you (eg Experienced Hire and Graduate), please specify which systems they should be added to.

We’ll get them added to our staging system, run them by you to check they are as you require, then put them live on sign-off. There would be no charge associated with this.

Rename classifier items

Renaming classifier items to a new name (a ‘like-for-like’ change) is usually straightforward. As above, simply email with your Change Request form:


“Rename ‘Central Management’ to ‘Management’”

Splitting existing items into multiple new items

Where you have an existing department or location which requires splitting into more than one new item, we need to know where the vacancy, requisition and candidate data associated with that item needs to go.

Typically, it would make sense to rename the ‘old’ item to one of the new items, then create an additional new item:


Split location ‘London’ into two new offices, ‘London – Fenchurch St’ and ‘London – Chancery Lane’

Let us know which new office is most appropriate to hold the data currently against London, and we will rename ‘London’ to (eg) ‘London – Fenchurch St’ and create a new item ‘London – Chancery Lane’

Deleting items completely

If you wish to delete an existing classifier item please email with your Change Request form.

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