Views on Backoffice list pages (Candidate list, Vacancy list, etc.)

What are views?

Views relate to the columns of data visible in the Backoffice when viewing any lists of candidates, people, vacacies, etc. These are fully customisable and you can set up as many as you want (if you have access rights to do so).

Users switch to different views by selecting the options which are available under the "Views" section towards the bottom of the folder bar in the left navigation. For example, the screenshot below shows the Views on the Candidates list page:

Changing a view simply changes the columns visible in the main data grid.

Adding/Editing views

  1. Views may be Global (everyone can see them) or Personal (only you can see them)
    N.B. Only Super users may edit global views
  2. Click the (edit) link to edit an existing view (this will only appear if you have rights to do so)
  3. Click CREATE A NEW VIEW to create a new view
  4. When creating a new view, give your view an appropriate name, check the fields you want displayed as columns click/drag the columns into the order you want - see below screenshot.
  5. If required, you can also configure the following for fields you select in the view:
  6. Alternative title - if you want to override the default column heading name with something else for any reason
  7. Default sort order - set one column to be the default sort order that is applied to the view when the view is selected, e.g. to get the most recent or the oldest candidates at the top
  8. Truncation - set the data to only display a limited number of characters to stop views getting really wide - an elipsis (...) will be displayed where the data is truncated and users can hover their mouse over the data to see the full info
  9. Click save to save your new or amended view

Deleting views

After clicking "Edit" to edit a view, click the "Delete" button to delete it.

IMPORTANT: Take care when editing or deleting global views (where Is global = Yes, as shown in the screenshot below) as changes you make will impact all users.

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