Vacancy functions and actions

What are the vacancy functions and actions?

Each icon performs certain action described in the legend for that icon. Examples of vacancy actions are:

* Edit – edit an existing vacancy

* Copy – create a new vacancy by copying all the data from an existing one

N.B. Only configured if Requisition module not implemented (due to authorisation process)

* Select – makes the selected vacancy your preference. Your candidate pipeline for the selected vacancy is displayed. Functionality available to post/share the vacancy to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

* Audit trail – see the history of the selected vacancy. View all status/workflow changes - when and who changed it. View agency activities for the vacancy (if Agency module implemented)

* Post to Broadbean - post to job boards via Broadbean (if configured on your system)

* Post to agencies (if Agency module implemented)

* Cost tracking – record costs against a vacancy (if configured on your system)

* Talent bank search – pre-populates a candidate search with relevant information e.g. Find suitable candidates in your talent bank who have applied to similar vacancies in the past

* Add candidate – add a candidate manually to a particular vacancy

* Import candidates in bulk from an Excel .CSV file using standard import template

* Add slot - add vacancy-specific assessment/interview slots

* Printable view – open a printable view of the vacancy or original requisition (if implemented).

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