Vacancy data grid

What is the vacancy data grid?

The data grid shows fields of data associated with each vacancy.

Using vacancy data grid

* Almost every column may be configured to be:

- Sortable (the red up/down arrows)

- Searchable (In-column search/filter)

- Multi-select filterable (drop-down arrow)

- Single-select filterable (Filter section of the folder bar on the left)

* Click the column headings to sort the information by that column, if a column is sortable

* Click the drop-down icon to filter by the options you select or select Clear selection to remove currently selected filters

* Enter partial or full search terms in column search boxes to filter the data as required. If using partial search terms, you must use the beginning of words/names as per the global search box (see above)

* You can change the information that is displayed in the datagrid by changing views

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