Custom candidate actions

What are the custom candidate actions?

The actions which are available to you will depend on the configuration of your system and may also vary based on your security group. These may be configured as single actions (icons in the Actions column), bulk actions (in the bulk action list) or both.

All custom candidate actions open a pop-up form page which allows you to view or enter data about a candidate e.g.

* View GND/Killer question responses

* Screening form(s)

* Telephone interview script(s)

* Interview scheduling and feedback form(s)

* Offer form

* Vetting/Compulsory checks form

Bulk candidate actions are identical to single candidate actions, with the exception that Back and Next buttons will be displayed on the pop-up page, allowing you to skip backwards and forwards through the candidates you have selected.

In some configurations, a single action icon may be configured which opens the relevant form (as above), based on the status that the candidate is currently at.

Only one candidate pop-up page may be opened at any one time. A warning will be displayed if you have any other candidate pop-up pages currently open to help ensure that any data entered is saved as required before opening a pop-up for a new candidate.

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