Candidate folder bar

What is candidate folder bar?

The folders indicate the statuses which are available to you, based on the folder security configured within your security group. When folder security is implemented, you may have any of the following levels of access to each status folder:

- Full – you are able to perform any actions on candidates within this folder within the limitation of your other security group settings (e.g. you may not have access to send emails to any candidates). You may move candidates into and out of the folder (provided you have rights to the Move to folder action)

- Read-only – you are only able to view, but not action candidates within the folder. You may not do manual folder moves to or from read-only folders

- No access - visible (folder appears as greyed out) – you can see that the folder exists, but you can’t click on it

- No access – not visible – you will not see the folder at all

* If you select the All folders option, you may not have access to some features that are available when you are in a particular folder

Where folder security is not configured, you will have the same access to all status folders.

The available status folders may either be fully customised to match your recruitment process (Professional and Enterprise systems) or will be the standard options from the particular Advorto template you have selected for your implementation.

These folders/statuses will typically include some or all of the following stages (dependant on individual configuration):

- GND failed – GND = gross negative disqualifiers, otherwise known as killer questions. These are candidates who failed the eligibility questions for the vacancy (if eligibility rules are configured within your implementation)

- New candidates – These are new successful submissions who haven’t yet been through any of the post-submission recruitment workflow. Note that, where automation is configured in your system, candidates may automatically progress through this folder to subsequent steps, e.g. invited to online tests or sent to HR/Manager screening

- Screening + hold/regret/pass sub folders – These are statuses related to a screening process and there may be multiple groups of these, e.g. for an initial screen by HR and a shortlisting stage for Hiring Managers

- Online tests + invited/hold/regret/pass sub folders – Where an online tests integration has been configured, these folders help manage the process of inviting candidates to take the test and the result of the tests

- Interviews/Assessments + invited/confirmed/hold/regret/pass sub folders – These statuses will relate to the activities associated with inviting candidates to interviews, telephone interviews or other forms of assessment and the results of these. There may be multiple stages, e.g. Telephone interview, 1st interview and 2nd interview.

- Offers/Onboarding/Compulsory checks – These statuses relate to the required activities which take place after you have identified your preferred candidate(s)

- Export to an HR system – Clients may configure a process step related to exporting successful candidates into their HR system, either manually or automated via an integration

- Withdrawn – Candidates who self-withdraw or who are withdrawn from the process by recruiters

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