Candidate bulk actions

What are the candidate bulk actions?

Rather than performing actions or processes on candidates individually, it is possible to make perform some actions/processes in bulk. When you select the checkbox to the left of one or more candidates, or check the Select all checkbox at the top to select all candidates, a bulk action menu will appear at the bottom of the page.

The available options in this menu will depend on your configuration.

* Candidate bulk actions include both Candidate processes and Candidate actions

* A candidate process is basically one or a combination of multiple candidate actions (email, SMS, letter, folder move, etc.) which has been given a specific name.

* Processes can include logic to determine whether a user is doing something in error and warn them. Multiple candidates can also be progressed at the same time to the relevant next stage (e.g. proceed or regret) based on a recorded screening decision, score or other outcome with a single click.

* Most processes are restricted to be only available in one or more specific folders, so the relevant processes are only available at the relevant stages of your recruitment process.

* Select the candidates you want to perform a bulk action or process on by ticking the select tick box next to them, or tick the select all candidates box to choose all.

* Choose the action or process you want to run and click Go.

Bulk actions are mostly the same as the single action equivalents, but some are unique to the Bulk Action list:

* Move to folder - this action allows you to move candidates between folders, independently of your recruitment process. Just select the folder you want to move the candidate to and click Go.

WARNING: Be aware of the impact that ad-hoc folder moves can have on your management information reports.

* SMS – send an SMS message to a candidate

* Letter - create and download a mail merge document. You can upload mail merge templates into the system. You can use mail merge documents to produce anything from offer letters to name badges for events.

* Forward by email - choose this option to forward the selected candidate(s) application forms to someone (user or contact).

* Transfer to Vacancy - select this option to transfer a candidate to another vacancy.

* Show on map - select this option to show the location of the selected candidates on a map (requires additional configuration).

* Assessment - invite candidates to an assessment series (as set up in the Assessments module) manually. If you are using candidate processes, the process will perform this action automatically as part of the process.

* Export as CSV - this action exports the columns and rows of data in the current view into a .CSV file which you can download and view in Microsoft Excel and a variety of other software programmes.

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