My vacancies

What is “My vacancies”?

The Dashboard page displays a RAG chart and a summary table indicating the status of your vacancies.

* Green – Open vacancies (actively recruiting)

* Amber – Closed vacancies (preferred candidate identified – offer/onboarding in progress)

* Red – Vacancies which have been closed for over 1 month and should be archived – contact your Recruiter

* Navigate to your full list of vacancies by clicking the More… link from the summary list on the dashboard page or My vacancies in the main navigation at the top

* Click Vacancy details to view the vacancy advert. Options to post/share the vacancy to key social media sites are available on this page (in some systems you may also add candidates manually to vacancies from here if required)

* Click the Candidates link to view the candidates for a particular vacancy (who are at stages you have visibility of)

* Use the Search box to search for a particular vacancy if required

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